ONGOLO-Zogo Pierre | Evaluating Initiatives to Support Evidence-Informed Health System Policy-making in Cameroon and Uganda: Case Studies of EVIPNet Cameroon and REACH-PI Uganda

ONGOLO-ZOGO Pierre documents two pioneering Knowledge Translation Platforms (KTPs) hosted in government-affiliated institutions in Cameroon and Uganda since 2006. His work presents i) the development of a framework combining health policy analysis, political science & knowledge translation; ii) changes in climate for Evidence-Informed Health System Policy-making (EI- HSP) in both countries over 12 years before and after the establishment of the KTPs; iii) EVIPNet Cameroon and REACH-PI Uganda emerged as pioneering KTPs boosted by the global push for EIHSP and the post- MDG 2015 agenda; iv) both KTPs were instrumental in reinforcing the conducive climate for EIHSP, especially in terms of enhancing community and civil society participation to health policy debates and integrated equity considerations, featuring the intricacy of politics, organizational and individual factors at the research-to-policy inter- face in Cameroon and Uganda striving to achieve MDGs and (v) KTPs had direct and indirect influences on policymaking processes and decisions through interest groups and researched ideas. The study was funded by IDRC-Canada and was supervised by Prof. Nelson Sewankambo, Prof. John Lavis, and Prof Goram Tomson.