LANYERO Hindum (Ms) | Monitoring antibacterial use in children under five years in rural communities of northern Uganda

LANYERO Hindum studied the use of antibacterials in children under five years in rural communities of northern Uganda. She found the prevalence of antibacterial use among the under-fives to be high. The determinants of antibacterial use included getting treatment from a health facility, households located in peri-urban areas, having cough, fast breathing, and having diarrhea with ARIs. She developed a qualitative LC-MS/MS method to detect 15 commonly used antibacterials in dry blood and dry urine spots. She also reported a low validity of care-givers’ reports on the intake of antibacterial by their children prior to a healthcare facility visit. She recommends sensitization of healthcare workers and care-givers on the appropriate use of antibacterials in this age group, the risks of self-medication, and the advantages of reporting the use of antibacterials prior to a health facility visit. She further recommends the use of the LCMS/MS method by researchers carrying out similar studies. The study was funded by SIDA and was supervised by Dr. Sarah Nanzigu, Dr. Moses Ocan, and Assoc. Prof. Jaran Eriksen.