KUTESA Annet (Ms) | Forensic age estimation based on third molar eruption and development for Ugandan adolescents and young girls

KUTESA Annet explored the current practice of age estimation for adolescents and young adults undergo- ing criminal proceedings and develop age estimates standards for third molar eruption and development specific to the Ugandan population aged 10-22 years. The findings indicate that third molar eruption and tooth counting were among the routinely used methods by health professionals. Although these were not applied uniformly and do not fully comply with International guidelines. Third molars fully erupted as early as 13 years and by 18 years only half fully erupted. The third molar eruption was influenced by the nutritional status, whereby the higher the body mass index (BMI), the earlier the eruption. Third molar development showed better accuracy (78%) in this population. It is therefore prudent to stop using the presence of the third molar as a definitive tool for estimating maturity and adopt third-molar development techniques. The study was funded by NURTURE Project of Makerere University and was supervised by Assoc Prof Joan Kalyango and Assoc Prof Charles Mugisha Rwenyonyi.