JADWIGA Nowak (Ms) | Evaluation of The Efficacy and Safety of Combining Carica Papaya Linn, Vernonia Amygdalina Delile, Artemisinin and Iodine as Potential Agents in The Management of Breast Cancer

JADWIGA Nowak studied the efficacy and safety of combining Ccarica papaya Linn (CP), Vernonia amygdalina Delile (VA), artemis- inin (DHA) and iodine as potential agents in the management of breast cancer. She found out that the combination of CP + VA presented the strongest cytotoxic and synergistic activity against MCF-7 and additive activity on MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell lines respectively and had a minimal cytotoxic effect on PBMCs compared to doxorubicin (DOX). Despite the combination index (CI) >1 combination of CP+VA+DHA was included in the study based on its possible multi-target mechanism of action. The cytotoxicity of most efficacious formulations was found to be more selective towards cancer cells compared to DOX and generally non-toxic in rat models with regard to the effect on body weights and histopathology, however, some hematological and biochemical parameters of tested rats showed significant changes. Additionally, UHPLC-MS analysis of Ugandan ori- gin CP and VA provided new data on their phenolic composition giving a new research perspective on the possible mechanisms of their bio-logical activity. It is recommended that the best treatment outcomes are further explored for the development of effective herbal therapy against breast cancer. This work was partially supported by the Medical University of Lodz, Poland.