Makerere University Johns Hopkins University (MUJHU) Research Collaboration

In 1988, MUJHU started as a collaboration between researchers from Makerere University in  Kampala and Case Western Reserve University in USA. The founders were the late Prof. Francis A. Mmiro, the late Prof Christopher M. Ndugwa, Prof. Brooks Jackson and Prof.  Laura Guay.

The Makerere University clinicians working at Mulago Hospital were seeing increasing numbers of patients with AIDS (“slim disease”), including infected pregnant women and babies; and the U.S. university investigators brought external funding, laboratory technology and other research endowments to help support the planned research activities.

From 1996, the collaboration was formally called the Makerere University –Johns Hopkins University Research Collaboration after the US investigators moved from Case Western Reserve University to Johns Hopkins University.

Over the last decade, MU-JHU has progressively expanded its clinical and implementation science-research portfolio to include:

  • Primary HIV prevention
  • Tuberculosis diagnosis and management
  • Paediatric neuro-development assessment and interventions
  • Birth-defects surveillance
  • Women’s health (including bone health and reproductive health)
  • The development of a maternal vaccine platform to assess Group-B Streptococcus and other promising vaccines.

MU-JHU partners with many local and international academic and clinical partners to achieve its mission building on its longstanding Clinical Research Site affiliated with Johns Hopkins University.

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