Bachelor Of Science In Dental Technology

Undergraduate Level Program
Duration of Program : 3 years

Dental Technologists are the people who make replacements of lost parts in the form of dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers, in and onlays, maxillofacial and orthodontic appliances that improve patientsÔÇÖ appearance, speech and their ability to chew.
Prior to 1982, Uganda trained her Dental Technologists abroad, a very expensive exercise that resulted in low numbers. Makerere University in 1982 with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Sports decided to start training Dentists locally. Although this improved the clinical aspect of the service, the technical aspect was not addressed. Infact, sending them abroad for training was suspended in 1976, citing high costs. With time attrition in form of death and retirement has reduced Dental technologists to almost zero.

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