World Bank Evaluation Team visits MakCHS for Assessment of Capacity to host a Centre of Excellence for Non-Communicable Diseases

On November 18th 2015, the Makerere University College of Health Sciences hosted an evaluation team from the World Bank Coordinating Team to assess the CollegeÔÇÖs ability to set up and host a regional Centre of Excellence for Non-Communicable Diseases for Africa. The proposed centre under the School of Biomedical Sciences, is to combine medical engineering, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Genomics for the major non-communicable diseases.
In his presentation, the Dean School of Biomedical Sciences, Prof. Moses Joloba noted that the burden of non-communicable diseases in Uganda is high and is compounded by acute shortage of skilled health workforce. He said that African medical schools need to produce more highly-skilled health workers. He said the College proposes to offer regional high quality biomedical training. He Collage also proposes to strengthen regional collaboration in academics working through its already existing networks in the region, as well as conducting community-based postgraduate training which is already being piloted in a few postgraduate programmes.
In the proposal, the College proposes to offer PhD scholarships, short courses, faculty exchange, internship in industry and sector partnerships, applied research relevant to the sector and student exchanges.
The team also toured the College to assess the status on infrastructure available.

In summary, the proposed centre, if awarded, will focus on transformed postgraduate training and infrastructure for wider scope of NCD training and research. It is a partnership between public and private sectors.