Site Visits by the Committee for MakCHS Quality Assurance and Gender Committee completed

The Makerere University College Quality Assurance & Gender Committee of Health Sciences (MakCHS) conducted monitoring and evaluation site visits to departments in the College of Health Sciences and the committee concluded their visit on 5th July 2022

Department of Health Policy Planning and Management(PPM  (School of Public Health)

On right Dr. Onyango Jude (H.O.D) Family Medicine, 2ND on right; Irene Rebecca Namatende (Quality Assurance Officer (CHS) 3rd on right Dr. Haruna Muwonge (Physiology), 4th on right Dr. Munanura Edson (Pharmacy) and in the middle is Prof. Elizabeth Ekirapa (H.O.D. HPPM) Adikini Josephine (School of Public Health) Racheal Mirembe- Principals Office-CHS) at the site Visit at the Department of Health Planning

The departments visited were; Anatomy, Immunology and Molecular Biology, Orthopaedics, Health Planning and Economic Policy as well as Optometry. The School of Dentistry was also visited.

The objective of the visits was to monitor the status and performance of schools and departments at the College of Health Sciences.  The Committee conducted an asset mapping on the facilities and support systems for teaching and learning.  This visit also aimed at getting feedback that could inform management on the status of the departments and therefore this feedback could guide on key interventions and decisions in regard to teaching and learning.

The committee devised a checklist as a tool used to collect data and some of the indicators on the checklist were; Strategic Plan, staffing, No. of PhD, graduates teaching facility, office space, no. graduate students, collaboration, promotion of staff, innovations, partnership, budget.

Key findings at HPPM  Department (School of Public Health)

  1. Embraced blended teaching in all their programs.
  2. Excellence in teaching the use of multiple teaching methods, lectures, case studes, field placements, debates e.t.c.
  1. Evaluation of online teaching undertaken.Completed curriculum development  for the Masters in Health Economics.

Challenges at the Department of HPPM

  1. Many courses lack online teaching Material
  2. More training needed for online teaching and, learning, particularly on how to access reading materials.
  3. Not all faculty members attend capacity building sessions.

Dr. Dralega Anguyo (4th from left) Head of Department 0ptometry with the Quality Assurance & Gender Committee, College of Health Sciences. 


Key findings at Optometry Department

  1. That Optometry is the only Department with a Bachelors Degree in Uganda.
  2. Vision Centre is at Makerere University Hospital that hosts the final year students.
  3. Optometry department offers eye care services to the optometry clinic at Mulago National Referral Hospital.
  4. Periodically, offers free site checkups for the community.



  1. Attraction of potential lecturers at Makerere University requires a Masters Degree yet most optometrists do not have Masters Degree.
  2.  Call for more students to enroll for this course.

Call for the University to fully support the program.

Dr. Dralega Anguyo (4th from left) , Head of Department – Optometry with Quality