New Dean of School of Health Sciences takes Office

Dr. Freddy Eric Kitutu, outgoing Ag. Dean for the School of Health Sciences (SHS), handed over office to Dr. Kamba Pakoyo Fadhiru as new Dean at a ceremony held on the 10th May 2022 in the Principal’s Boardroom at the College of Health Sciences (MakCHS). Dr. Kitutu served in this position from 1st August 2019 to 1st April 2022 and Dr. Kamba Pakoyo has been appointed for a term of 4 years effective 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2026.

SHS is one of the four schools of MakCHS alongside School of Medicine, School of Public Health and School of Biomedical Sciences. SHS has four departments i.e., Department of Allied Health, Department of Nursing, Department of Pharmacy and the Department of Dentistry which is currently transitioning to the School of Dentistry.

Prof. Moses Joloba (Dean-School of Biomedical Sciences) who represented the Principal, Professor Damalie Nakanjako officiated the ceremony. Also present at the handover were Heads of Department from the SHS. The Ag. College Human Resource Officer Mr. Godwin Okiror; College Bursar Mr. Michael … and Ms. Zaam Ssali, College Communication Officer also attended.

In his remarks, Prof. Joloba thanks Dr. Kitutu for agreeing to serve noting that it is a sacrifice. He welcome Dr. Kamba Pakoyo for presenting himself to serve the SHS as Dean. Prof Joloba added, “we don’t take this for granting, I encourage members to work as a team, have collegial relations and partnerships within the School and departments”. Quoting a Chinese proverb advised that, “If you want to go fast work alone but if you want to go far then work as a team”.

Dr. Kitutu presented his handover report outlining the assets of the School, achievements and challenges of his service. “It is my sincere honour to present my handover report. I was simply a leader of a team and thus I attribute all the achievements to the staff in the school”, Dr. Kitutu said. He thanked the University Management, College Leadership as well as the staff for the opportunity to serve and support given during his term if service.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Kamba Pakoyo thanked the staff of the School who saw him as worthy and voted for him to serve as Dean. He pledged support to all the departments in the School noting that he hopes to use the experience gained as Head of Pharmacy to serve the SHS. Dre. Pakoyo also pledged maximum support to the College Leadership as well as University Management. “Departments are crashing under poor funding and cost of maintenance of infrastructure. I pray and hope that this situation can be improved”, Dr. Kamba Pakoyo further said.

Following the speeches, a physical handover of the office was done.