Dissemination Meeting for Cancer Training Needs Assessment

The Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala, Uganda, has been earmarked to host the East African Centre of Excellence in Oncology (EAOI). As part of the process to achieve this goal, MakCHS in conjunction with the Uganda Cancer Institute conducted a study titled “Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for East African Centre of Excellence in Oncology” to identify critical areas that still need capacity building.

The dissemination meeting brought out key findings and recommendations from the training needs assessment and appropriate training interventions that will improve cancer care in East Africa.

Prof. Charles Ibingira
Principal MakCHS and Principle Investigator
TNA for East African Centre of Excellence in Oncology

Presenters were,
Dr Ian Munabi, Lecturer, MakCHS
Dr Mubuke Gonzaga, Lecturer, MakCHS
Dr Amos Deogratius Mwaka, Lecturer, MakCHS
Mr Pastan Lusiba, Biostatistician,  MakCHS
Dr walusansa victoria (UCI)
Dr Fred Kitutu, Dean School of Health Sciences, ( representative to VC)

Link to the presentations: http://mesau.mak.ac.ug/content/training-needs-assessment-east-african-centre-excellence-oncology

A report on the meeting is here.