Day of Lung Science | Personalized/Precision Medicine for Asthma: The Clinical Approach

Friday, July 8, 2016 - 15:00

The prevalence of chronic non communicable diseases is increasing rapidly worldwide. The increase is greatest in poor settings where resources to prevent and treat them are most scarce. A new field of medicine or even broadly health provision is emerging that will allow providers to provide treatments or (services) to only those individuals or communities that have the greatest chance of benefiting from them or unlikely to get adverse events from them.

This field is called precision medicine or personalised medicine. Also emerging is precision public health. Personalising medicine requires characterization of the individual in all aspects from demography to clinical to biomedical aspects. Currently precision medicine is seen as being only driven by biomedical characterization. However other aspects of characterization are equally important. Details of this event are in the attached flier.