Faculty of Medicine Research and Ethics Committee [FOMREC]

The purpose of the research oversight and monitoring guidelines is to ensure that research projects approved by FOMREC conform to the research guidelines right from their implementation through to their completion.
During each monitoring review, the trial conduct, procedure, and processes will be evaluated.
The monitor will also assess the study staffÔÇÖs knowledge and compliance with National and International regulations as well as GCP guidelines.
The monitor will assess and recommend any training needs of the study staff. Any deficiencies with the staff and/or study will be identified and a corrective plan designed.
Types of Monitoring and Oversight Reviews:
 1. For-cause monitoring review; this may arise when the IRB learns of any of the following:
a. Multiple protocol violations, deviations, and/or departures from protocol
b. Subject complaint (s)
c. Staff complaint (s)
d. Numerous reportable unanticipated problems
e. Research non-compliance such as failure to submit reports
2. Routine, not for cause review (Sites selected without bias based on specific, objective criteria)..
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