Dr. Stephen Lutoti recognized as Pharmacist of the Year

Dr. Stephen Lutoti received the award of Pharmacist of the Year at the 2021 Heroes in Health Awards (HIHA) ceremony held on the 12th November 2021.  Dr. Lutoti is a Lecturer and Head of Pharmacognosy in the Department of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University. His innovation ELOCOF, a syrup for cough, flu and sore throat was the basis for the award.  ELOCOF approved by the National Drug Authority has been useful during this Covid-19 pandemic for both children and adults suffering from cough, flu and sore throat. 

Inaugurated in 2019, HIHA is a public private initiative adopted by the Ministry of Health with the support of Xtraordinary Media to offer opportunity to members of the public to motivate Uganda’s excellent health sector players, recognize and encourage new innovations that will transform our health care system.

Other innovations by Dr. Lutoti include: Elocid Triple therapy - for gastric hyperacidity, heart burn, indigestion, flatulence and Peptic ulcers; Elo-Enjoy - for stimulation of sexual performance for both men and women; Elomal - a natural remedy for malaria; Elolax - a remedy for constipation and deworming

Dr. Lutoti is a registered Pharmacist and active member of The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda.  He has previously served as a Regional Inspector of Drugs in the National Drug Authority, Research Officer in the Ministry of Health. As a Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacy he coordinates the Master of Science in Pharmacognosy program; teaching and mentoring graduate and undergraduate Pharmacy students. His research focus is on the development of natural products for management of cancers, respiratory tract infections, Peptic ulcer disease, Benign prostatic hypertrophy, malaria, Erectile dysfunction and Diabetes mellitus; and conducting clinical research that can minimize adverse drug reactions of different conventional drugs and natural medicines.

Dr. Lutoti expressed his sincere gratitude to Makerere University for giving him opportunity to serve; former employers Ministry of Health, Gulu University, NDA and Prof. Patrick Ogwang for the mentorship during his career.  He also thanked pharmacist colleagues and members of the public for appreciating and recognizing his work.