MakCHS Research

The Child Health and Development Centre Focuses on Disability and Technology

In collaboration with Zurich University, and the Department of Social Work and Social Administration Makerere University, CHDC is involved in the training and supervision of 10 students (5 Swiss and 5 Ugandan) .The 5 Ugandan students are pursuing their Masters in Social Sector Planning and the 5 Swiss students are pursuing their Bachelors in Social Anthropology at the University of Zurich.

Formative research on parent-child communication on sexual and reproductive health

This research was conducted by the Child Health and Development Centre (CHDC) between August 2010 and March 2011. The study examined: adolescentsÔÇÖ and parentsÔÇÖ perceptions and experiences regarding communication on sexual and reproductive health.

An assessment of the cost of providing cervical cancer vaccine through schools and Child Days Concluded

Since 2006, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Program for Appropriate Technology for Health (PATH), Child Health and Development Centre (CHDC) has undertaken a number of evaluations aimed at gathering evidence regarding the feasibility, acceptability and cost of introducing HPV vaccines into the primary health care system in Uganda.

Medicine Moves to Embrace Non-Communicable Diseases Research

Beginning 2011, the Department of Medicine focused on extending its collaborative research and training to include research on non-communicable diseases, which includes the following two projects:

Second line ART /EARNEST Study Cohort reaches a High 800

IDIÔÇÖs second line ART cohort has steadily grown to the current population of 830 clients (one of the largest 2nd line single-centre cohorts in the region). The IDI clinic is one of the main sites for the Europe-Africa Research Network for the Evaluation of Second-line Treatment (EARNEST). This study seeks to determine the best choice of ART regimens in resource-limited settings.