What is taking place here?

MakCHS Benefits from Uganda Cancer Institute Research and Training Program

Uganda is one of the countries with very high morbidity and mortality due to cancer. Cancer is becoming more recognizable in our society with impact felt at individual, family and community levels. The interventions envisaged by the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) are geared towards prevention, effective management and control of cancer.

Communication Disability Advocacy Gains Momentum in Uganda

The SLT Unit under the Department of ENT embarked on a campaign to increase awareness of communication disability and SLT as a preventative and rehabilitative service amongst the public sector, the general public and with organizations working with people with communication difficulties; as well as raising the unitÔÇÖs profile to attract international support and opportunities.

The CHILD MED Project Launched in Uganda

CHILD MED is a 5-year CHDC collaboration with the University of Copenhagen to build research capacity to contribute to improvement of quality medicine use for children in Uganda. The project, supported by DANIDA focuses on four medication scenarios where children may require medication for a long time namely, ARI (asthma and pneumonia), epilepsy, HIV/AIDS and intestinal schistosomiasis.

Child Health and Development Centre (CHDC) Collaborations

PREPARE is a 4-year Child Health and Development Centre (CHDC) collaboration with universities of Bergen, Cape Town, Limpopo, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, Maastricht and Oslo. It is designed to promote sexual and reproductive health of adolescents in southern and eastern Africa through mobilising schools, parents and communities.

Department of Medicine forms new Partnerships for Research, Training and Faculty Fellowships

This year, the Department of Medicine created new collaborations with University of Boston (non-communicable disease research twinning program), Case Western Reserve University (CVD training and research) and University of Cape Town (faculty fellowship trainings), Yale University, McMaster University and the St.

Infectious Diseases Institute Builds Capacity in Malaria Diagnosis in Uganda

IDI is part of the STOP Malaria Project Consortium funded by USAID and takes the lead on building capacity of laboratory personnel on malaria diagnosis using microscopy and Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs); and district level capacity for quality assurance and control of malaria parasitological diagnosis in 45 districts.

Integrated Infectious Disease Capacity- Building Evaluation (IDCAP)

The Integrated Infectious Disease Capacity Building Evaluation (IDCAP) of the Infectious Diseases Institute completed the implementation of the Integrated Management of Infectious Diseases (IMID) Course and Onsite Mentoring and Coaching Model at the study sites.

Department of Medicine Improves Learning Environment for Postgraduate Students

The Department of Medicine Directorate of Post graduate studies in conjunction with the Makerere University Yale University (MUYU) collaboration secured a grant to support the education activities of postgraduates; this has been named RASHOTS (Rainer Arnhold Senior House OfficersÔÇÖ Training Support) and is supported by the Mulago Hospital Foundation.