Department of Medicine Improves Learning Environment for Postgraduate Students

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The Department of Medicine Directorate of Post graduate studies in conjunction with the Makerere University Yale University (MUYU) collaboration secured a grant to support the education activities of postgraduates; this has been named RASHOTS (Rainer Arnhold Senior House OfficersÔÇÖ Training Support) and is supported by the Mulago Hospital Foundation. Through RASHOTS all learning activities as well as patient outcomes have been monitored and regular meetings for improvement have been held. The training rooms have been furnished with chairs, projectors and computers to improve the learning environment. The Palliative Care Unit secured a grant from the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund to integrate palliative care pathways.

During the last one year, significant achievements have been realised by the Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) Unit under the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT). These include;

  • Recruitment of a new Course Coordinator, Ms. Helen Barret by Voluntary Service Overseas in September 2010.
  • Graduation of the very first group of twelve SLT students in July 2011; making them the very first fully-qualified SLTs to be trained in the whole of East and Central Africa. Graduates included students from Uganda and Tanzania. The event marked the creation of a SLT profession for East Africa and the beginning of sustainable training and services across the region.
  • Preparation of the SLT Strategic Plan 2011-2016, in order to take professional training of SLTs in East Africa forward.

The Speech and Language Therapy Unit in the Department of ENT made a presentation at the International Cluttering Association (ICA) conference in Argentina about the needs of people who stammer in East Africa and how the training of SLTs at Mak is the first step to meeting those needs across the region.