School of Health Sciences Institutional Review Committee Gets Nod to Start Business

Members of the Makerere University College of Health Sciences School of Health Sciences Institutional Review Committee (IRC) have undergone a two-day Human Subjects Protection Course. The course which is mandatory for such committees to operate was organised by the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST).

Nursing Department takes Hypertension Education to the Slums

Staff from the Nursing Department working with Final Year Nursing students and staff from Johns Hopkins University successfully carried out community outreaches in Katanga and Kazo, sensitizing the community about risk factors for Hypertension. Hypertension is increasingly causing high burden of disease among the Ugandan community.

Department of Pharmacy Collaborates with Private Sector for Student Scholarships

There is a scholarship program between Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda and pharmaceutical companies to support up to 10 pharmacy needy students in Public universities.

Department of Nursing Starts Collaboration with Kristianstand University

In April 2011, Kristiansand University and MakCHS’ Department of Nursing were awarded a grant by the Linneas Palme to fund a teacher and student exchange program for 8 years. Two academically sound and well disciplined nursing students benefited this year. The student rotations last for 3 months while the staff exchanges take 3-5 weeks.

Department of Pharmacy forms Partnership with USAID for Paramedical Schools Capacity Building

In the Department of Pharmacy, the SURE Project which involves training of trainers in Paramedical Schools on supply chain management, essential drug concept and rational medicine use is ongoing. The training materials have already been developed. The project is sponsored by USAID and the implementing partners include Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Infectious Disease Institute.

Department of Dentistry sets up a State-of-the-art Dental Technology Laboratory

With the help of an Italian Principal Dental Technician Mr. Giacomo Babaglioni, the Department of Dentistry has set up a state- of-the- art Dental Technology Laboratory to train Dental Laboratory Technologists.

Proposal for research position/PhD candidate in the project “The supply side of ART: Users, technologies and pharmaceuticals in the organization of mass HIV/AIDS treatment programs” (until 03/2013)


The Institute for Anthropology and Philosophy at the Martin Luther University of Halle (Germany) offers
one part-time researcher position with the possibilities to conduct a PhD program