In a bid to stimulate research excellence and progression to research leadership, THRiVE-2 plans to provide research career development awards to very promising researchers in the Consortium, composed of Gulu University, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College, Makerere University, National Institute of Medical Research-Mwanza, Uganda Virus Research Institute and International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, University of Cambridge and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


The main objectives of the awards are to:

  • Foster collaboration between THRiVE institutions and staff
  • Encourage sharing of specialized tools and equipment, knowledge and expertise within the THRiVE network
  • To support innovative research projects in one of the three, THRiVE thematic areas to generate data and publications that will support development of bigger competitive grants applications. The THRiVE thematic areas are (a) Infectious diseases/neglected tropical diseases (IDs/NTDs) (b) Maternal, neonatal and reproductive health (MN/RH) (c) Non-communicable diseases (NCDs). 
  • Encourage the production and submission of joint proposals to other research funders


The career development awards will enable a researcher from a THRiVE institution to conduct preliminary research and obtain data, leading to a peer reviewed journal publication and development of a bigger grant application. This should be a joint research proposal with at least one investigator from each of a minimum of two THRiVE institutions. There are five (5) grants (a maximum of £10,000 each). Workshop, research, travel and some personnel costs (a maximum of 20% of total project budget) may be requested. Grants awarded will be managed by the finance office of the principal applicant’s institution.


APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: The principal applicant must be low or mid-level academic staff member (from Assistant Lecturer to Senior Lecturer) from one of the above African THRiVE institutions. He/she should not be pursuing Masters or PhD or postdoc training at the time of application and must submit the following documents:

  • A one-page CV of the Principal applicant/investigator outlining this/her research interests and previous grants held
  • Application of two to four pages which should include a brief summary/background, proposed approach/methods, expected outputs and potential impact, a description of the expectations for future fundraising, and up to 10 key references.
  • Name(s) and one-page CV of each of the proposed collaborator(s) in another THRiVE institution, and including grants held.
  • A budget for the proposed research for the career development award.


Please note that undergraduate students are not eligible.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Send your application to the THRiVE Consortium Secretariat at Makerere University ( by 16thApril 2019 at 5:00pm East African Standard Time


QUESTIONS: In case of questions please contact the THRiVE consortium Secretariat at Makerere University by 16th April 2019 (, +256 414 530021).