Opportunity | GRADUATE INTERNSHIP 201 7

THRiVE to Research Excellence (THRiVE-2) project is a 5-year project implemented by a consortium of Universities and Research Institutions funded by the DELTAS (Wellcome Trust and UK Aid). The main goal of THRVE-2 is to enhance the transformation of the East African Universities into world-class research hubs by spearheading the transition of PhD and post-doctoral fellows into health research leaders.

Individuals who have just completed their Undergraduate and or Masters training at Makerere University College of Health Sciences are invited to apply for THRiVE internship for a period of six months to support THRiVE Secretariat to achieve consortium objectives including Monitoring and Evaluation. THRiVE focuses on infectious diseases/neglected tropical diseases (IDs/NTDs), maternal, neonatal and reproductive health (MN/RH) and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

There will be one internship award for a period of six months. The successful applicant will be working with THRiVE M&E team and the secretariat and will also be expected to participate in writing a scientific publication. Find details in the attachment.