RCQHC 2005 Q1 Success story

A lot of work has been done in the prevention of transmission of HIV. Lately greater attention has been turned to the provision of ARVs, using various funding mechanisms. Although the synergy between HIV and nutrition has been realized for sometime now, there is a gap in the provision of services to address this problem. This gap may be further widened as drugs for treatment of AIDS and other related opportunistic infections become more and more available. For the past few years the Center has been working tirelessly in the area of Nutrition and HIV. The Nutrition and Child health advisor in collaboration with the HIV advisor have worked to develop several tools to help health care providers improve their knowledge, skills and performance in this area. These have included the production of; job aids for infant feeding in PMTCT, manuals on nutrition for PLWHA, and training toolkit for nutrition in HIV. ÔÇ£The Nutrition and HIV/AIDS: A training manualÔÇØ which has been produced and disseminated by the Center, has received wide acclaim and has served as a reference as well as training manual for many organizations and institution working in the fields of nutrition and HIV. Following the dissemination workshop of the training manual, the Center received request from the Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development in Kisumu, Kenya, to help train their health workers on Nutrition in the care and support of PLWHA. This was a regional workshop for program managers, which was attended by 28 self- funded participants. A part from the Center staff, other participants to the earlier dissemination workshop facilitated the course. This is a welcome development, which not only goes to demonstrate the usefulness of the manual, but also the desire of health care providers to reduce the gap in nutritional care for PLWHA.
The Center plans to continue working in partnership with this and other institution to conduct similar trainings, using the various materials developed at the Center. This will help build capacity to provide quality health care services.