MakCHS Tackles Non-Communicable Diseases.Trains over 30 Journalists.

Over 30 journalists from both mainstream and online media have been urged to consider the urgency of public awareness on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs). Convening at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala, on Monday 4th December 2017, journalists were called upon to take the initiative and save the community from the rapid growing burden of NCDs epidemic through their professional expertise.

ÔÇ£Through you, we can save the community. We therefore need your expertise as we dig deeper in this matter. I am aware of your positive reporting on HIV that was rated the best information mechanism in the whole world. With your experience in research, investigation, writing, interaction, and dissemination, you let the world understand what HIV was, itÔÇÖs causes and how to prevent it. This is what we need at this moment. The community needs to know about NCDs and how they can be prevented. This is a matter of urgency so we need to collaborate,ÔÇØ said Prof. William Bazeyo-Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration), Makerere University.

Non-Communicable Diseases represent a growing burden of morbidity and mortality globally. NCDs are now included in the sustainable Development Goals with the aim to reduce by one third premature deaths due to NCDs. The World Health Organisation (WHO) projects that by 2025, 70% of all deaths in people less than 70 years of age will be due to NCDs and that 80% of these deaths will occur in Low and middle income countries. It is also estimated that 28 million people in low and middle income countries die each year from an NCD. In addition, Sub-Saharan Africa which includes 48 low and middle income countries is expected to have the worldÔÇÖs largest increase in the burden of NCD- related death over the next decade.

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