The MakCHS Students Association

We recall that Makerere University Medical School which had courses; Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Medical Radiography, transformed to Makerere University College of Health Sciences in 2009 with constituent schools; School of Medicine, School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Public Health, School of Health Sciences. Recognize that the Makerere University Medical Students Association (MUMSA) Executive has been the sole representation to the Board of the College of Health sciences of all students of the College of Health Sciences since the launch of the College of Health Sciences. Committed to our well-being at the University which calls for a properly organized body to voice our dynamic needs and demands or whichever may be applicable. Dedicated to preserve and promote all desirable aspects of our indigenous culture and striving to establish good will among the members of MakCHSA (Makerere University College of Health Science Students Association) and with any person or persons connected with MakCHSA in whatever manner or the other. Note that the MUMSA Executive acting under the provision of the 2006 reviewed constitution of Makerere University Medical StudentsÔǃ Association and the advisement of the Board of the College of Health Sciences decided to form a Constitution Review Commission to debate and form a new constitution integrating all students in the College of Health Sciences with our views under one effective student leadership with a full understanding that we are a representation of the MakCHSA membership. New programs were introduces in the college which include BSc. Biomedical Engineering, BSc. Cytotechnology, BSc.Biomedical sciences, BSc. Speech and Language Therapy, BSc. Optometry and all these programs inclusive of all the others are now under on umbrella of MakCHSA.

The current student leadership of executives comprises of student leader from different program associations coming together to for an executive body of MakCHSA. Below is a list of the current MakCHSA executives.






H.E Oriba Dan Langoya



+256 775 593 096/+256 755 593 096


H.E Nazziwa Gorety


Vice President

+256 781 665 849


Rt. Hon. Rogogamu Jesse



+256 700 166 229


Hon. Namgembe Tausi


General Secretary

+256 704 824 946


Hon. Odokonyero Kennedy


Finance Secretary

+256 788 365 266


Hon. Ayub Twaha


Academic Affairs

+256 772 351 933


Hon. Morris Tumwine Muhindo


Organizing Secretary

+256 704 638 040


Hon. Bwogi Fred


Projects Secretary

+256 705 371 074/+256 778 130 273


Hon. Achom Pauline


Social Welfare

+256 778 525 379


Hon. Abila Derrick Bary


International Affairs

+256 758 000 280/+256 776761638


Hon. Menyo Innocent


Publicity Secretary

+256 700 903 657


Hon. Matovu Brian


IT Secretary

+256 700 300 518


Hon. Ojetre Julius


Sports Secretary

+256 702 081 964


Hon. Simon Buligwanga



+256 703 144 657


Hon. Ochwo Cathy



+256 700 538 676


Hon. Atuhaire Rodgers



+256 704 909 006


Hon. Tumwesigye Sheila



+256 700 360625