The Innovations and Knowledge Translation (IKT) first IKT Clinic

The first IKT Clinic will be held in March 2013. The clinic will bring together knowledge producers, users and promoters (like the media) to refine IKT research concepts and to provide peer review and guidance on packaging and disseminating scientific findings. These quarterly clinics are an avenue where scientists who need to improve their concept for translational research find valuable input from other IKT enthusiastic scientists and potential users and disseminators. The IKT clinics also provide technical support to scientists who desire to refine their policy and media briefs and organizing strategic knowledge dissemination foras. IKT clinics emphasize having the knowledge users and promoters during the early review of study findings. This works also as an early dissemination forum. Subsequently, the IKT clinics make MakCHS innovations known to the community within and outside Uganda who either have need for immediate utilization of the innovations or are vested with capacity to influence their adoptionby the wider populations like policy makers. The IKT office will work with the responsible scientist(s) to prepare their work before it is presented at the IKT clinic for further refinement or even uptake. All College of Health Sciences staff, students (undergrads, graduate and doctoral) and research staff can benefit from the IKT clinic.