Honoring Africa's Health Workers on World AIDS Day

In todayÔÇÖs Huffington Post article by Dr. Elly Katabira and Dr. Warner Greene, they note that, "Today, President Obama and former President George W. Bush are commemorating this World AIDS Day in an address to George Washington University students, calling for the 'beginning of the end of AIDS.' This is a welcome reaffirmation of U.S. leadership in accelerating global efforts to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The impact of this commitment will be felt from Washington D.C. -- where infection rates rival that of many African countries -- to Kampala, Uganda."
ÔÇ£Less heralded than advances on the treatment and prevention fronts, the HIV/AIDS crisis is spurring fundamental changes within African health systems that promise long-lasting and beneficial effects. A strong and self-sufficient Africa with health systems in place for delivering high-quality care to their populations and capable of confronting and containing the next epidemic, which is inevitable, is in the best interest of both Africa and the world.ÔÇØ Read the full story here.

The goal of ending the AIDS pandemic cannot be reached without the expertise and dedication of health professionals in Africa, who work tirelessly to free their home communities, countries, and continent from the grip of the disease.

Dr. Sabrina Bakeera-Kitaka is one of these health workers. A talented young physician-scientist, Sabrina could have gone anywhere in the world to practice medicine. Instead, she chose to stay at home to make a difference in her native country, Uganda. She has dedicated her time and talent to meeting the unique needs of an underserved and vulnerable population: adolescents. Read Executive Director Carol Spahn's article about Sabrina on Huffington Post.

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This World AIDS Day, we ask that you join us in honoring Africa's health workers and in our efforts to build a vibrant, healthy Africa, free from the burden of infectious diseases like HIV. Share these stories with your contacts by clicking here.

Dale A. Mott
Vice President, Development and Communications

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