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The Grants and Contracts Office at MakCHS is a two in one stop point offering a transparent, equal opportunity enabling environment to access and manage Grant funding.

The Grants Office is dedicated to working with Researchers, Faculty, and all College departments to increase the number of successful research grants, projects and fellowships. We also support the efficient management of funded grants and projects under our three broad components of Resource Mobilisation (RM), Capacity Building (CB) and Grants and Contracts Management (GC).

Under RM we:-

1. Provide information and advice on available funding opportunities
2. Work with you and your Proposal Development Teams (PDTs), Departments to prepare and submit funding applications
3. Mentor and build capacity of individuals and PDTs in budgeting and responding to RFAs and RFPs
4. Support the start up and implementation of grants / projects successfully
5. Support the ongoing project management, financial reporting and closeout activities
6. Support grants budget development, management, redirection and carry over justification and requests preparation
7. Maintain a Central Registry of all College Grant Applications Submissions and Funded Grants
8. Liaise with funding bodies on all issues pertaining to the pre and post funding activities

Under GC we:-

1. Interpret instructions for Contract/MOU/Amendment drafting with researchers and PIs
2. Forward instructions and any contracts / MOUs to the University Lawyer's Office for legal review
3. Coordinate the review and negotiations of the agreements/contracts with funding agencies, collaborators in consultation with the university legal office

4. Work with individual researchers and Principal Investigators (PIs), the College PrincipalÔÇÖs office, University LawyerÔÇÖs Office and funding Agencies to ensure that research contracts / agreements or MoUs are executed in a timely manner
5. Facilitate full execution of contracts/MOUs
6. Maintain a central registry and copies of current College Contracts and MOUs

7. Archive contracts based on country laws

Our Capacity Building component covers both pre and post award processes that includes:

1. How to find funding opportunities that suits your research interests
2. Interpreting sponsor calls for various funding agencies
3. Proposal Development
4. Developing support tools such as bio-sketches, letters of support, work plans, cover letters etc
5. Handling Award Negotiations
7. Setting up Accounts for new grants / projects
8. Financial Monitoring
9. Financial Reporting
10. Close out processes
11. NIH Financial Conflict of Interest requirements

13. Grants and Contracts management for the grant administrator

14. Grants writing for administrators and researchers
15. And any other specific needs you may have.

Contact us at: Research Room 7 at the Former Regional Center Mulago Hill Complex

General Email:

Manager Grants and Contracts
Joan Larok: or

Officer Grants and Contracts
Shem Wakaindha:


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