Build Relationships and Networks for Sustainable and Successful Resource Mobilisation

Management and staff of Makerere University College of Health Sciences have been challenged to organise a visit to CDC (US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) to get to know the kind of work the organisation is involved in. The challenged was made by Dr. Donna Kabatesi, the CDC Uganda Deputy Director of Programs.

Dr. Kabatesi was part of panel of experts speaking at the recently concluded Grants Writing workshop for MakCHS staff. The workshop was held at the Department of Pharmacy building.  

ÔÇ£Visit, do not wait for RFAs to come out; get to know the donor agency and what it believes in. Build networksÔÇØ, Dr. Kabatesi challenged.

She also advised the potential grant applicants to endeavour to know their areas very well, understand the context of issues they are trying to address and also spend time trying to understand what the donor believes in.

Left; Dr. Donna Kabatesi and Right; Ms. Jackie Asiimwe

Left; Dr. Ian Munabi and Right: Dr. Christopher Garimoi Orach


Other members of the panel included Dr. Ian Munabi a member of staff at MakCHS, Dr. Christopher Garimoi Orach of MakCHS and Ms. Jackie Asiimwe working with an American donor agency. 

Participants in an exercise to demonstrate formation of networks and partnerships


Ms. Jackie Asiimwe emphasized innovation and a track record of success. ÔÇ£The donor asks themselves why they should give you their money; show them why. Innovation will take you a step further, above the rest. Think outside the box! Mary your interest with the interest of the donorÔÇØ, she emphasized.

Dr. Ian Munabi emphasized cultivating a spirit of perseverance, dedication and commitment to what one is doing. He said the bigger percentage of the proposals one writes, especially as a novice will not get funded, but that should not discourage one from writing even more.

Dr. Christopher Orach said that institutions need to position themselves to respond to RFAs fast enough by protecting proposal writing time for staff, providing the necessary resources like stable internet connections, access to online information resources and other necessary resources.

The workshop was facilitated by among other staff of the Grants and Contracts Office of Makerere University College of Health sciences.