What do we do?

Research Carrels

Research carrels for graduate students, staff and researchers are available at a cost of Ushs 50,000 per Semester. Please pay to the Librarian and obtain a receipt.

Photocopying services

Photocopying services are available within the Library at a cost of Ushs100 per page.

Document delivery services

The Document Delivery service complements the journal subscription to supply full-text journal articles through its partnership programmes. This service takes a period of 2 - 7 days.

Current awareness services

New acquisitions of books and journals are always displayed on the library notice board.

Literature search services

The library provides a free literature search service from the several medical databases (see e-resources).

Training sessions

The library offers training to all first year medical students, and other new users, as a way of introducing them to the library resources and regulations. Periodically, the library carries out training to update its users, both students and staff of the College. Literature search and reference management sessions are also carried out by the library staff.

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